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About us

"GeoGT" Geotechnical Company is a modern and dynamically developing company providing services in engineering geology, geotechnical engineering and construction.

We perform geological surveys throughout the country. We guarantee high quality of projects and provide timely performance of the services.

"GeoGT" Geotechnical Company hires professionals whose main objective is to perform high quality services. Our employees have participated in geological surveys performed within the largest construction projects in Poland. We have the professional experience confirmed by the appropriate geological and construction qualifications and authorisations, as well as professional practice.

The reports prepared by "GeoGT" Geotechnical Company are of high quality, with carefully created graphic design. Our documents are also available in English or German on Customer's request. The recommendations and conclusions included in our documentation will help perform the earthworks efficiently and, above all, cost-effectively.

If you want to learn about the services of our company in detail, please check our Offer.